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Words of Farewell – A Quiet World

1. My Share of Loneliness
2. Gaia Demise
3. Gallows Frame
4. Limit Cycle
5. Zero Temperance
6. Momentary Life
7. Oversoul
8. The Farthest Reach
9. This Shadow My Likeness

5/5 - powerofprog.com
10/10 - time-for-metal.eu
9.5/10 - soilchronicles.fr
9/10 - metal-temple.com

Words of Farewell – The Black Wild Yonder

1. Continuum Shift
2. Telltale Notion
3. In Kingdoms of Rain
4. Damaged Beyond Repair
5. Beauty in Passing
6. The Outer Rim
7. Temporary Loss of Reason
8. Antibiosis
9. Luminary Ghost
10. Riven

Total Duration: 54‘42

"Wer seinen Death Metal gerne mit viel Melodik und progressiven Song-Strukturen goutiert, wird seine Freude daran haben, die zahlreichen Details in dieser Scheibe zu entdecken"

Words of Farewell – Immersion

1. Project Daybreak
2. Ever After
3. End Of Transmission
4. On Second Thought
5. Auriga
6. The Great Escape
7. Urban Panorama
8. Sorae
9. Vagrant Story
10. Sundown Serenade

Total Duration: 48‘12

"truly gripping and fresh"

"pure melodic death in the finest tradition of Gothenborg's founding fathers"

"almost eerily coherent"

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